Cocohut Premium

100% Pure Coconut Sugar

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3 sizes for healthy people


Cocohut Premium

Cocohut was found on the incident that the founder's father is diabetes and heart disease, and he keep finding all good food or materials for his dad. Then, he found it is hard to cook tasty food without sugar which is prohibit for diabetes. After that, all the sugar substitutes have been tried and natural coconut sugar came up to be the best for cooking or even coffee making. However, it is difficult to find real coconut sugar in the market which isn't mixed with white sugar, preservative, color, or corn syrup. Therefore, pure coconut sugar has been specially made for his dad and finally shared to other people who seriously concern about their health and people who love the taste of 100% pure coconut sugar.

Cocohut  is 100% pure coconut sugar

- No other kind of sugar added

- No preservatives added

- No color added

- No corn syrup or glucose syrup added

- Non chemical at all

- Low GI at 35 which is lower than honey

- Higher Potassium from nature


Cocohut  270g.
Cocohut  110g.
Cocohut  1,000g.

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